120v/240v Powered


It is a super slim magnet mount for your phone or tablet, which can easily be installed on any flat surface.

Once installed you can quickly attach and remove your device, then slip it into your favorite carrying case.

The mount is only 1/4″ thick and does not require a special case, so the tablet looks like it is attached to the wall.

Designed to look like a wall plate, it blends with the homes decor.


The S-Mount-HV (High-Volt) is designed to connect to 120v/240v, then convert the power to safely charge your device.

An electrician would run a wire from an existing power source to the mount location, and install an electrical box.  They would then connect the high volt electrical to the converter located on the rear of the S-mount…this is what supplies the power to your tablet for charging.

There is a micro USB located on the side of the S-Mount plate, this is where you will connect our adapter cable. The other end of the cable plugs into your device. At this point, you have run power from the remote location and are now charging your tablet.

Sounds complicated, but it is very easy.

There are 4 super strong Neodymium rare earth magnets that hide behind the rubber face, these are attracted to the metal plate that is on the rear of your device.  The magnets will NOT harm your device in any way.


On the rear of the S-Mount-HV is our custom Power supply. This little box, measuring only 1″ x 1″ x 2″, is capable of fast charging your tablet with 2.0A output capability.

You attach your 120v/240v AC power, and it is converted to the 5v that you tablet needs.


The installation of this product should be done by a qualified electrician, it requires knowledge of electrical connections, diagnosing the homes electric, and connecting 120v/240v electric wires, which can be deadly.


Almost everything that you need to add one High Volt touch panel location.

  • S-Mount plate
  • S-Mount Power supply
  • S-Mount tablet adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cables:
    • S-Mount to Apple 8-pin
    • S-Mount to Micro USB
    • S-Mount to Micro USB-C
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Mounting screws