How to find affordable CCTV cameras for your small business

How to find affordable CCTV cameras for your small business

How to find affordable CCTV cameras for your small business

One of the most common problems business owners face is burglary and theft. It can either be a customer stealing or even an unfaithful employee. To be on the safe side, it is very important to install security cameras in the shop and even around it.

What to consider in a security camera?

You have to make sure that the security camera includes a video recorder, so you will be able to rewind and find evidence in case of an accident. These kinds of cameras are called analog security cameras. They are affordable for small businesses because they do not require advanced features, just a good recording system that captures quality images and videos.

Another type is the digital security camera, which does not require conversion in the recorder, as it records directly into the hard drive. These types are a little more expensive.
Before purchasing any security camera, walk around your shop or company and decide on the locations you want to install a security camera and make sure that you have a good infrastructure for that.

You can also install a wireless camera, in case the location is not designed for a cable, but it is always better to install a cable since they are much more affordable.  Be very careful that the location of the camera is not violating any privacy. Which means, do not end up installing a camera by the toilets or fitting rooms.

How to save on the payment?

Some security camera companies offer rental cameras, which means you can rent them instead of buying them. This will save you a couple of dollars.

Another option is to team up with your neighbors. If your shop or company is in a building, you can share the expense of the main door camera, since the whole building will be benefiting from it.

Types of CCTV cameras

Based on the  location:
– Indoor cameras: These CCTV cameras can work in low light conditions, too. They come with a fixed lens and a manual iris.
– Outdoor cameras: These cameras can cover large areas. They have a night vision lens, which will be easier to record in the dark, too. They are also waterproof and steady,
which protects them from rain and bad weather.

Based on resolution:
-CCTV cameras come in high or low resolution and infrared lighting.

Based on shape and size:
The bullet, board, and the hidden cameras are typical for outdoor since they are high- resolution
cameras, and protected from weather conditions.

Advantages of installing CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras help in tracking the movement of the shop, whether it’s the movement of employees or the customers. They monitor the work environment and identify any sort of
shoplifting or stealing. The customers feel safer in a shop with a security camera since nobody will dare to steal or harm them.

Maintenance and servicing

When installing a CCTV camera, you should take into consideration not only the price of the cameras. The act of installing is a different cost, and although the cameras have a warranty, they usually expire in a year or two. It is recommended to sign an annual maintenance contract with either the manufacturer or a special maintenance service provider to
ensure the cameras are always in good condition, and any problem or dysfunction will not be yours to handle.

Special features of CCTV cameras

Camera lens: The lens is a fragile part of the camera because one small scratch will ruin your whole camera and will affect the quality of the image and video it records. But don’t worry, the lens of the camera is sold in parts, so in case the lens of your camera is ruined, you do not have to change the whole camera, you can just repair the lens and pay only for the lens.

– Light sensitivity: You need a camera that captures images and videos in different lights, whether it is daytime or nighttime, in the end, you do not want to end up with blurry
images and videos.

– Storage: Sometimes you will realize about a problem in the shop or the company months ahead, and if your camera does not store recordings, it won’t be helpful at all. Thus, it’s important to make sure that the camera saves recordings at least for six months, so you can rewind anytime you need to. You can buy CCTV cameras from reputable retailers or even online stores.  They usually come in warranties and affordable prices.

As a conclusion, secure your business, no matter how small it is!

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